Wisconsin Travels – Chapter 2

Wisconsin Travels  – Chapter 2

Wisconsin Travels is a blog of a series in which I write about some of the pictures which I took.  Some of these pictures I share on Instagram.  I hope you enjoy this series of pictures I took for this day!  This series of pictures in this chapter of WisconsinTravels was taken March 24th, 2018.

This first picture is of a group of Mallard Ducks which were swimming in the St. Croix River.  The sky was a cloudy overcast day in this picture. The day had a dreary or dismal effect not only in the way things looked on the waterfront but also upon me.

The ducks were swimming gracefully in the water.  They seemed to glide effortlessly as they swam.  Today also was the first day that I used my new Nikon D7200 camera. So I was quite excited about taking pictures this day even though the weather was quite chilly and formidable.

This part of the St. Croix River always seems to have a variety of ducks and geese which swim along here on this part of the river.  This area always has never frozen over completely which allows these waterfowl to find small minnows which are in this flowage.





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