This chapter of Wisconsin Travel was taken in February.  This chapter is about the photo shots that I took with my iPhone 5s.  Even though they might not be the best photos, compared to what some people of may take – they are the best I can do with the equipment I have. I have learned so much already, and my goal is to keep learning as I progress. I just want to say thanks to Wealthy Affiliate for the program they have and to the kind people who I have interacted with that have helped me on this journey!

Hopefully, as I progress I can upgrade my equipment and with the help and advice of others, do a better job!

Wednesday Morning, February 21, 2018

The pictures taken in this series were from an early Wednesday morning that was quite chilly, but missing the early morning fog!

The air was very crisp and I was wishing I had a hot cup of Java!  I think the smell and taste of the coffee with this crisp air I was inhaling would be quite refreshing!

The first photo I took this chilly morning the was sun centered and just peaking in the distance from its evening slumber.

The bedroom community of Hudson seemed to be asleep unaware that as the sun was rising the Lord was calling out “Awake”! “For this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!”

The next picture I took I had the sun rising on the left side of the photo for this effect!  The colors and hues of the sun seemed quite interesting as they overtook the early morning sky. I wish I had a better camera now than what I have so that all of these magnificent hues could be captured for you to see!

I like the way that the Lord seems to have used the sky as His canvas to paint a spectacular picture of what he can create at the beginning of each day!

This next photo I had the sun rising on the right side of the photo.  I was wondering which effect you liked better as you viewed these photos!

I think the one with the sun to the right looks the nicest!

I like the way the group of trees seems to be centered at the bottom of the hill!

I like the way everything seems to be so serene and tranquil at this time of the day. It is like watching the birth of something spectacular!

I wish you could see the colors as I did this morning for it was quite amazing!


The next photo is the last in this series! The battery in my iPhone was starting to drain because of the freezing cold air.  I was surprised it lasted this long!

I tried centering the tree in this picture with the sun rising through her branches. The Lord decorated this tree with frost and icicles on these branches of hers which seemed to reflect the light of the sun off of her, much like a prism.  The sun seemed to glitter and dance from her branches as he was rising slowly in the early morning sky!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures!  If there are any particular interests or ideas that you may have that I can use to help develop my photo skills would be much appreciated!

The next time I take pictures I will have to remind myself not to park my car in this area.

Another lesson learned in the process of taking photos! I hope some of my mistakes help you so that you will not do the same!

I like getting comments from you!  Peace out and have an awesome day!



Saturday Morning, February 24, 2018

The pictures in this series here were taken along the Union Pacific railway going through Hudson, Wisconsin. The Union Pacific Railway purchased this from the now-defunct Chicago & Northwestern Railroad in 1995.

Hope you enjoy this short series of pictures that were painted with the Lord’s artistic touch!

Today was a beautiful frosty morning!

I have always enjoyed early morning just before the sunrises or late evening photo shots when the sun is setting. These are the two favorite times of the day for me!

The photo above was taken from the 7th Street Bridge in Hudson overlooking the train tracks of the Union Pacific to the West.

This photo was taken to the East off of the 7th Street Bridge in Hudson, Wisconsin.

I don’t know why it appears so much foggier or frostier on this picture than the one I that was taken to the West.

I wonder if the early morning sun had something to do with it!

If anyone who is a photo expert has any idea why this had happened, I certainly would like to know so I can improve my photo skills!


This photo to the right was taken on the bridge going to the Turnstyle Bridge of the Union Pacific Railway on the St. Croix River.

This photo shot was taken from just West of 1st Street in Hudson, Wisconsin off of St. Croix Street.  This shot is taken looking to the West.

This is one of the few times that the barricades to the bridge were open.  I was half tempted to drive my car to the end of the road to take some pictures of the Union Pacific Turnstyle Bridge on the St. Croix River.

I thought maybe that is not such a good idea. I certainly did not want to get fined for trespassing!


This photo shot was taken from the top of this bridge looking towards the South on the St. Croix River.

It sure was a chilly morning when I took these photo shots.  I was wondering how long the battery on my iPhone 5s was going to last. Lately, it has died after a few photo shots when it has been freezing cold outside!

I sure loved how the good  Lord painted these trees with the morning frost.  The pictures sure do not give justice to His handiwork!


. Just a slightly different angle of the above photo.  It sure was beautiful hearing the sounds of the ducks and the geese as they were swimming in the water.

In hindsight, I wish I would have taken a video of this area when I was there.

They sure were making many different sounds!

The air had that crisp, clean smell to it. It seemed to make me forget about the slight cold I had this day.


When you look at this picture which is again to the south from the top of this bridge, you can see the old round bridge pilings from the previous bridge going up the hill on the right side of the shoreline!

I used to fish this part of the St. Croix River when I was younger!

You mostly caught a lot of Silver Bass. Back then they were in the 2-3 pound range, monster slabs! Once in a while, you may catch a Sand Pike which is a knockoff or cousin of the Walleye Pike.

When the River was on the high side flowing through these bridges it used to be full of Red Carp.

in the early Spring. My old bud John, caught a Red Carp when we were younger that was around 5-lbs. It sure put up a fight.

Once in a great while, you may catch a Catfish but they were usually between the 2-5 lb range.

The largest Catfish that I saw which came out of the St. Croix River was over 75 lbs.  It sure was a monster!  It was mostly all head. The man had it in his trunk of the car for 2 days wrapped in a wet felt blanket. The Catfish was still alive when I saw it. He later dumped it back in the St. Croix River. It sure was a slimy old fish!

I like this picture with the old gnarled and twisted tree along the roadway which I used to walk when I went past the old Hudson Railway Station.  This photo is looking to the west along this roadway!

I wish I would have taken pictures of the old Hudson Railway Station when I was younger!

I used to walk along this roadway with a fish-pole in hand and fish the channel of the St. Croix River for Walleye Pike underneath the Turnstyle Bridge.

Someday I am going to have to sneak a walk in on an early morning when the fog is quite thick and eery looking.  There seems to be a certain mystique to things when they are like this!

I remember when I was younger, one of the railway bridge operators had told me about his fish story!  He said one evening while he was working at the bridge in his control booth he noticed a huge fish swimming along the top of the water around midnight.  He said he fired his rifle at this fish and it seemed as if the bullets just bounce off of it!

Well this will wrap up this part of the post for Saturday, February 24, 2018

This is the last picture I took Saturday morning.  When I was leaving I saw these trees adorned with the ornamental ice and frost that the Lord decorated them with.

It sure is amazing how much we take for granted in life!

There are so many small and simple things that slip right under our noses because we are to busy and too much in a hurry to take the time to slow down and enjoy things which have more value than life than what man has produced on the boob tube which is called entertainment!

One of the things in life I am thankful for is the great network of people whom I met at WA!  If it was not for this program, I would not be sharing my thoughts or the things that I enjoy with anyone else.  Wealthy Affiliate is the best programs that I ever joined!

Monday Morning ~ February 26, 2018

I took these two photos along the main line of the Union Pacific Railway going towards the turnstile bridge.

It was a very brisk and chilly morning. I wanted to try taking pictures along the St. Croix River of the thick blanket of fog that was arising from the depths of the warm river water.  The air had a crisp clean smell to it as I was walking along the roadway.

WhenI was trying to take pictures or close-ups of the frosted branches which glittered in the early morning sunlight I could hear and feel the snow crunching underneath my feet.

I continued walking along the roadway until it ended and then followed the main line of the railway tracks.

The air was very frigid and my fingers started to feel numb from the cold air.  I could feel the skin on my face start to tighten as I kept plodding along now in the deep crunchy snow. As I kept walking along, my feet seemed to sink after breaking through the frosty top layer of crust.  My feet were starting to get cold as they broke through this crusty fresh snow.  I was thinking and hoping for some nice photo shots of the early morning sun.

I got a vantage point where you could see the main line of the railway separated.  I took the picture and then suddenly my iPhone died. My hopes diminished as I realized there would be no more photos of this day. The frigid cold had gotten the best of my iPhone, the battery was now dead and lifeless.

It was now time to head back along this trail of my footprints which I was tracing.  I stepped into each footprint I had made along the way to keep my boots from filling with snow.

I paused along the way and stopped, as I watched the morning sun glisten on the tracks.  How I wished my iPhone had just one more breath of life in its battery so I could capture this moment.

As I left the area I gave thanks for the privilege of seeing the beauty that was given to my eyes. Sometimes the best things and most precious things in life are those which we are given.  It is an opportunity to reflect upon how lucky we are to be alive, to see and to cherish the things which are truly beautiful and forever changing, for no two days are ever alike!


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