Wisconsin Travels – Chapter 3

Prospect Park


This picture of the railroad bridge was taken from Prospect Park overlooking the St. Croix River with my Nikon D7200.

It was a beautiful day for picture taking.  The park had some snow on it and the walkways were rather muddy.

I was hoping to get a picture of the train going across the bridge, but after about twenty minutes of waiting I gave up.  Will have to wait another day!

I was trying to get the mirror effect of the bridge reflection on the water.  It did not turn out too bad, considering the distance I was from the bridge!


The St. Croix River had a nice calm, soothing look to it this day. Was almost as smooth as a piece of glass!





A different lens and a little different look.  I do not think this picture is quite as nice as the first one!

There is still ice and snow on the river.  I cannot wait for the nice warm summer to begin!

I do like the overall scenic shot which shows more of the scenic view of the St. Croix River.







An interesting photo shot of this tombstone below of Silas Snell, maybe he was the prospector of this park!

I tried looking for information in regards to who this person may have been but have found no details as of yet.  If anyone has any


information which is factual or historical, it would be very much appreciated!





I like this picture with the overlook of Hudson Wisconsin!


Has a nice reflective look of the trees in the St. Croix River!



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