This site called “The Traveling Blogger” was created by Tim Johnson on Saturday, February 24, 2018.

This website is about my travels and has pictures and also details about what I am using to take my pictures in the different areas that I have enjoyed visiting.

I enjoy taking pictures of the natural scenic landscapes which our Lord paints each day and also other pictures of things which I think have some type of artistic interest to me!

To me, each day is a new adventure in life!

I learned how to create this website and have also learned how to blog because of a great organization called Wealthy Affiliate! I met so many wonderful and helpful people here in which I am indebted to!

I joined Wealthy Affiliate with a “Free” starter program! I enjoyed it so much I became a member!

I have met members who are Life Coaches which help young entrepreneurs like myself!

If you are a Coach or are interested in mentoring people I highly recommend this program to you because of the vast number of people who are looking for guidance and motivation!

Some of the other people who have helped me in this learning journey are doctors, lawyers, teachers, ministers, insurance agents, tax accountants, factory workers, retail workers, mechanics, the armed forces, photographers, graphic-arts, and free-lance writers who are located from many different parts of the world. Many of these people are in my WA network!

I hope you enjoy this website! If you like what you see or have suggestions for improvement please leave a comment!

Thanks again for stopping by!


Tim is an affiliate marketer so he may or may not receive compensation for any products that are sold on this website.

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